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About the Foundation

The Memorial Foundation for Children began in 1805 as the Female Humane Association. This home for Richmond orphans was organized and governed by a group of dedicated women. One of Virginia’s first charitable institutions, the organization was supported by political, social and religious leaders of Richmond.

To reflect the changing needs over the years, the organization was renamed the Memorial Home for Girls, then the Memorial Foundation and later the Memorial Foundation for Children, providing treatment for emotionally disturbed children. In 1970, the Foundation became solely a funding organization to assist other non-profit agencies in serving children in the Richmond area.

The Memorial Foundation for Children continues to be governed by a volunteer board whose members are active in the community and knowledgeable about the needs of children. The Foundation provides support for programs and projects to benefit children.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Memorial Foundation for Children is to provide funds that support nonprofit organizations and their programs that focus on improving the lives of children from asset-limited households and under-resourced communities in the Richmond Metropolitan Area.

Our Vision is that all children will reach their potential.

Memorial Foundation for Children

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